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Who can apply?
Completed MVP stage

We work with startups whose product is ready to sell

A scaleble business model

We prioratize the scalability of your product in Migros infrastructure

Established company and a team

Startup has to be established and have a team

fresh view point co-innovation co-creation joint value proposition


An opportunity to develop and to scale up your startup with the cooperation of Migros, the pioneer of the modern retail industry

Multiple Field of Activity

Opportunity to collaborate in several different fields from e-commerce to human resources applications, artificial intelligence-based technologies and agriculture

POC and Future

Opportunity for entrepreneurs to cooperate with Migros experts on testing and developing business models in real working environment

Openning Launch Period Startups

Our entrepreneurs, who have been participated in finals by applying for the launch call and took part in Migros Up co-innovation and cooperation projects, are talking about Migros Up.

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