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Ottan – İleri Dönüşenler

Production and communication of the mLife section of the Migros Ataşehir MMM store from the shells of the nuts sold in Migros stores using upcycling techniques.


Hergele Elektirikli Scooter – WaMo

An innovative vehicle design and development based on electric scooter technology, with the aim of making the goods picking process more efficient and ergonomic in distribution centres.


Evecrude – DigiM

Designing a virtual influencer that will be Migros's next generation digital content producer.

Clean Up

ERG – Clean Up

Verification and applicability of Clean Up's hand hygiene tracking system technology, which monitors the performance of the handwashing ritual, in the retail industry.

Farmer Expert

Farmer Chain

With the Farmer Expert infrastructure of Migros suppliers in a selected region; Starting from the production stage, making the processes of the product's journey traceable and presenting it to our customers via Migros mobile application.

Servis Soft

Lightning Bolt

It is aimed to make it visible by analyzing the existing data on electricity consumption, to make consumption estimates, and to raise awareness about energy consumption by pointing out actions to increase energy efficiency with these estimates.


Transforming fish waste from Migros stores and red meat waste from Miget into collagen at Bugamed facilities.


To design an economical system for route optimization that does not change the constraints of Migros Virtual Market operation, such as maximum vehicle occupancy rate, while at the same time improving the process of "delivery within the promised time".


Observing the reaction of our customers and analyzing the results by using the rental option with the Varsapp infrastructure.

Amanos Mühendislik

Amanos Mühendislik
Tazeliğini kaybetmek üzere olan meyve ve sebzelerin mağazalarda konumlandırılacak ve atık ısı sistemi ile çalışan bir kurutma makinesi ile kurutularak kurutulmuş meyve/sebze formunda satışa sunulması projesi


Migros Sanal Market araçlarındaki soğutma ünitesinin, Packard’ın geliştirdiği güneş enerjisi destekli ürüne dönüştürülmesi ve Packard girişiminin soğutma ünitelerini Sanal Market dağıtım araçlarına uygulayarak %100 güneş enerjisi ile çalışan ve 4 dereceye kadar soğutma sağlayan bir sistem kurulması projesi