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Ottan manufactures high-quality bio-composite materials for industries such as construction materials, furniture, household goods and automotive, using non-consumable leaves, grass and food waste.


Hergele produces Hergele branded electric scooters with its own design and engineering, also offers ready-to-operate electric scooter fleet packages with its own software infrastructure.


Evecrude leaves the disadvantages of the physical world behind with the 3D digital characters in different categories, allowing them coming to life on social media platforms and creates stories for their characters.

Clean Up

ERG Controls develop a system that monitors and reports all hand hygiene activities of facility employees with IOT and image processing technology infrastructure.

Farmer Expert

Farmer Expert is an e-commerce platform where the demands of farmers and buyers for traceability of agricultural products are met. It provides blockchain-based transparency and reliable traceability at every stage of the production and supply processes of agricultural products from seed to table.

Servis Soft

By providing maintenance and technical service management services to the user on a single platform, it prevents interruptions in service and production processes, and increases efficiency in field and asset service management.


BUGAMED Biotechnology evaluates organic wastes such as fish bones, cock's crest, chicken skin as raw materials and transforms them into value-added products such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, fibroin, which are not produced in our country and are import-dependent.


Optiyol was founded in 2015 to provide services in distribution network design and route optimization. Optiyol develops planning and optimization solutions for logistics, retail, food and beverage, fast-moving consumer goods, field operations and passenger transportation sectors in their offices in Teknopark Istanbul and METU Teknokent.


Varsapp is a platform where unused items can be safely rented out and needed products can be rented.

Amanos Mühendislik

AR-GE girişimi olarak kurulan Amanos, ısı proses alanındaki tecrübeleri, girişimci ve yenilikçi yaklaşımları ile yüksek verimli meyve-sebze kurutma makineleri üretimi, hedefe uygun sürdürülebilir ve yenilikçi kurutma makinesi tasarımları, yenilenebilir enerji entegrasyonları ve atık ısı proje yönetimi hizmetleri sunuyor.


Packard, güneş paneli destekli sistemler ile sürdürülebilir ve yenilikçi yöntemler kullanarak, taşınabilir iklimlendirme ve buzdolabı sistemlerinin yeşil enerji ile çalışan bir sistem geliştiriyor.